Some say that the best business is done at the table, we want to add that not only business, but also the great collaborations can sometimes start from a simple evening spent at the table chatting with friends moved by the same passion: cooking! For bet and for passion, Francesco Cinapri, aspiring chef by profession, but an Art director of an advertising agency, accompanied by his inseparable companion / committee Annalisa Colangeli and Roberto Di Bartolomeo, owner of Pescì restaurant, come together for the first time Sunday, July 7, 2013 to open the doors of the restaurant exceptionally on Sunday . The answer is immediately positive, almost in disbelief but very certain, the three of the "La Cenetta " sit at the table and begin to jot down ideas, including equipment, arrangement of tables and menus. Today " La Cenetta on Sunday evening " has already become a fixture to end the week nicely, enjoying the delicate and innovative recipes by Francesco and Annalisa, and to be pampered by the staff led by Roberto in the hall. The formula " Cenetta " is a proposal consists of: 3 starters , 1 main course , 1 second course and a small dessert, all seated at the table and served, at a cost of 20 €. We are often asked how we manage to keep down the cost of "La Cenetta ", and simply reply to all that our skill until now is to be able to make exceptional , through the research and experimentation , the fish so-called ‘’ poor " , thus lowering the cost of expenditure. We invite you to take a look at our photos to judge for yourselves the sophistication of the dishes. The dinner takes place every Sunday at the restaurant Pescì from 20.30 onwards, by reservation. You can find all the information about menus and reservation on Facebook by typing " La cenetta della domenica sera" or by calling the numbers: 347.9900336 (Francesco ) or 347.9154241 (Roberto ). Buon Appetito!